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The Age of Ruin

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The Age of Ruin
Age of Ruin H-103b.JPG
Ace Books, cover art by Gray Morrow
Author John M. Faucette
Publication Year 1968
Source from an Ace Double paperback (1968) (Code Duello on the flip side)
Story Survey
Starting Genre fantasy
Starting Perspective 1st
Starting Tense past tense
Starting Action Level 3 (out of 5)
Starting Hook Level 3 (out of 5)
Starting Tension Level 3 (out of 5)
Starting Genre Level 3 (out of 5)
Reviewer Fritz
First Paragraphs

Help me. Help me. Jahalazar, came the soft voice. Like silken feathers it eased its way into my brain, rousing me from the depths of sleep.

I, Jahalazar of the purple locks, sprang awake, a sinewy arm reaching for Chernac, the Throwing Sword, as I rolled from the bed to alight upon shoeless feet crouched. I raised the steel length of the Throwing Sword before me. Its blade shimmered in the darkness. My toes dug into the turf of the carpet. I stood ready to strike as my purple eyes swept the chamber dimly lit by the rising of the rust-red sun. They rested fleetingly upon the outlines of furniture and statues. They searched out the shadows and reassured me that I was alone. Everything in the chamber was at it should be. No unknown shapes were visible. My ears, usually flat against my broad skull, were spread wide, gathering in every sound of the premorning night. Again, I heard nothing out of place, nor was anyone yet stirring. The house of Clan Chevy was still asleep. Not even the cooking women had risen to start the breakfast fires.


The Age of Ruin

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This appeared as one of an Ace Double. Code Duello Age of Ruin thumbnail.jpg The reverse side is Code Duello by Mack Reynolds.

Cover Blurb:He fought his way across an alien earth no man had ever mapped.
Author:John M. Faucette
Genre:Science Fiction, Post-Holocaust SF, Action-Adventure
Tags:Publication, Book, Novel, First Person, Post-Holocaust SF, Mutant, Story Survey, Ace Books, Ace Double, Read, Want to Read Again, Pick, Novel Pick, SF Pick, Action-Adventure Pick, Post-Holocaust SF Pick
John M. Faucette's The Age of Ruin (which was one of the first adult SF novels that I read) originally published as an Ace Double (with Mack Reynolds' Code Duello) back in the 60s. The Age of Ruin is still my favorite post-apocalypse story, filled as it is with action-adventure galore and highly imaginative vistas. Frankly, this novel has more imagination in it than any other post-holocaust novel that I've read. (e)
A memorable novel.
Viewpoint:First Person
Library:Titles A (Library Box Cross Ref)
Box:A27 (e), B12 (e), B29 (e)
ISFDB:title entry, cover gallery
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