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The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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Reading Science Fiction

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Cover art by Mel Hunter

Reading Science Fiction

    Reading Science Fiction brings together world class scholars and fiction writers to introduce the history, concepts and contexts necessary to understanding this fascinating genre.

Comprehensive and engaging, Reading Science Fiction includes:

  • Explores a wide range of theoretical approaches to studying science fiction, such as gender studies, post-colonial studies and structuralism
  • Maps the definitions and history of science fiction, including its origin, influences and parallel development with modern society
  • Introduces major science fiction writers such as Arthur C. Clarke, Joanna Russ, Octavia Butler and Kim Stanley Roberts.

This work provides valuable insights into the world of science-fiction, this thought-provoking textbook makes learning how to read science fiction an exciting and collaborative process for teachers and students alike.

Table of Contents

   1 • Discovering the Future in my Grandmother's Back Closet • essay by James E. Gunn [as by James Gunn]
   3 • What's a Nice Baby Boomer Literary Scholar Like Me Doing Reading Fiction Like This? • essay by Marleen S. Barr
   5 • The Medium That Time Forgot • essay by Matthew Candelaria
   15 • Defining Science Fiction • essay by Eric S. Rabkin
   23 • What Is Science Fiction - and How It Grew • essay by H. Bruce Franklin
   33 • Narrative Strategies in Science Fiction • essay by Brian Stableford
   43 • There Is No Such Thing as Science Fiction • essay by Mark Bould and Sherryl Vint
   57 • Science Fiction Movies: the Feud of Eye and Idea • essay by George Zebrowski
   72 • The Feedback Loop • essay by Michael Cassutt
   85 • Computers in Science Fiction • essay by Brooks Landon
   96 • Cross-fertilization or Coincidence? Science Fiction and Videogames • essay by Orson Scott Card
   111 • Gender Is a Problem That Can Be Solved: Women's Science Fiction and Feminist Theory • essay by Jane Donawerth
   120 • Marxism and Science Fiction • essay by Carl Freedman
   133 • Reading Science Fiction with Postcolonial Theory • essay by Matthew Candelaria
   142 • Encountering International Science Fiction Through a Latin American Lens • essay by Roberto de Sousa Causo
   159 • Reading Science Fiction as Science Fiction • essay by James E. Gunn [as by James Gunn]
   168 • Reading Joanna Russ in Context: Science, Utopia and Postmodernity • essay by Jeanne Cortiel
   181 • Reading Science Fiction's Interdisciplinary Conversation with Science and Technology Studies • essay by R. Doug Davis and Lisa Yaszek
   199 • Neuroscience Fiction Redux • essay by Joseph D. Miller
   212 • Physics Through Science Fiction • essay by Gregory Benford
   219 • Science Fiction and Biology • essay by Pamela Sargent
   227 • Science Fiction and Philosophy • essay by James E. Gunn [as by James Gunn]
   235 • Science Fiction and the Internet • essay by Bruce Sterling
   244 • The Reading Science Fiction Blog • essay by uncredited
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