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List of Bantam Books Doc Savage novels

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List of Bantam Books Doc Savage novels[edit]

The Bantam Books Doc Savage Series: Bantam Books reprinted all of the Doc Savage novels and then some. Following is an index to the novels in the order Bantam published them. Title changes and notes are enclosed by brackets.

# Title Date Cover Artist Notes
1) The Man of Bronze Oct. 1964 Novel JB  
2) The Thousand Headed Man Oct. 1964 Novel JB  
3) Meteor Menace Oct. 1964 Novel JA  
4) The Polar Treasure Apr. 1965 Novel JA or LF  
5) Brand of the Werewolf Apr. 1965 Novel MK  
6) The Lost Oasis Apr. 1965 Novel DR  
7) The Monsters June 1965 Novel JB  
8) The Land of Terror Aug. 1965 Novel LF or DR  
9) The Mystic Mullah Nov. 1965 Novel JB  
10) The Phantom City Mar. 1966 Novel JB  
11) Fear Cay May 1966 Novel JB  
12) Quest of Qui July 1966 Novel JB The Quest of Qui
13) Land of Always-Night Sep. 1966 Novel JB  
14) The Fantastic Island Dec. 1966 Novel JB  
15) Murder Melody Jan. 1967 Novel JB  
16) The Spook Legion Mar. 1967 Novel JB  
17) The Red Skull May 1967 Novel JB  
18) The Sargasso Ogre July 1967 Novel JB  
19) Pirate of the Pacific Sep. 1967 Novel JB  
20) The Secret in the Sky Nov. 1967 Novel JB  
21) Cold Death Jan. 1968 Novel JB  
22) The Czar of Fear Mar. 1968 Novel JB  
23) Fortress of Solitude Apr. 1968 Novel JB  
24) The Green Eagle May 1968 Novel JB  
25) The Devil's Playground June 1968 Novel JB  
26) Death in Silver July 1968 Novel JB  
27) Mystery Under the Sea Aug. 1968 Novel JB  
28) The Deadly Dwarf Sep. 1968 Novel JB Repel
29) The Other World Oct. 1968 Novel JB  
30) The Flaming Falcons Nov. 1968 Novel JB  
31) The Annihilist Dec. 1968 Novel JB  
32) Dust of Death Jan. 1969 Novel JB  
33) The Terror in the Navy Feb. 1969 Novel JB  
34) Mad Eyes Mar. 1969 Novel JB  
35) The Squeaking Goblin Apr. 1969 Novel JB  
36) Resurrection Day May 1969 Novel JB  
37) Hex June 1969 Novel JB  
38) Red Snow July 1969 Novel JB  
39) World's Fair Goblin Aug. 1969 Novel JB  
40) The Dagger in the Sky Sep. 1969 Novel JB  
41) Merchants of Disaster Oct. 1969 Novel JB  
42) The Gold Ogre Nov. 1969 Novel JB  
43) The Man Who Shook the Earth Dec. 1969 Novel JB  
44) The Sea Magician Jan. 1970 Novel JB  
45) The Men Who Smiled No More Feb. 1970 Novel JB  
46) The Midas Man Mar. 1970 Novel JB  
47) Land of Long JuJu Apr. 1970 Novel JB  
48) The Feathered Octopus May 1970 Novel JB  
49) The Sea Angel June 1970 Novel JB  
50) Devil on the Moon July 1970 Novel JB  
51) Haunted Ocean Aug. 1970 Novel JB  
52) The Vanisher Sep. 1970 Novel JB  
53) The Mental Wizard Oct. 1970 Novel JB  
54) He Could Stop the World Nov. 1970 Novel JB  
55) The Golden Peril Dec. 1970 Novel JB  
56) The Giggling Ghosts Jan. 1971 Novel JB  
57) Poison Island Feb. 1971 Novel JB  
58) The Munitions Master Mar. 1971 Novel JB  
59) The Yellow Cloud Apr. 1971 Novel JB  
60) The Majii May 1971 Novel JB  
61) The Living Fire Menace June 1971 Novel JB  
62) The Pirate's Ghost July 1971 Novel JB  
63) The Submarine Mystery Aug. 1971 Novel JB  
64) The Motion Menace Sep. 1971 Novel JB  
65) The Green Death Nov. 1971 Novel JB  
66) Mad Mesa Jan. 1972 Novel JB  
67) The Freckled Shark Mar. 1972 Novel JB  
68) Quest of the Spider May 1972 Novel FP  
69) The Mystery on the Snow July 1972 Novel FP  
70) Spook Hole Sep. 1972 Novel FP  
71) Murder Mirage Nov. 1972 Novel FP  
72) The Metal Master Jan. 1973 Novel FP  
73) The Seven Agate Devils Mar. 1973 Novel FP  
74) The Derrick Devil July 1973 Novel FP  
75) The Land of Fear Nov. 1973 Novel FP  
76) The Black Spot Apr. 1974 Novel FP #77 published before #76
77) The South Pole Terror Feb. 1974 Novel FP  
78) The Crimson Serpent Oct. 1974 Novel FP  
79) The Devil Genghis Dec. 1974 Novel FP  
80) The King Maker Feb. 1975 Novel FP  
81) The Stone Man Mar. 1976 Novel FP  
82) The Evil Gnome May 1976 Novel JB  
83) The Red Terrors July 1976 Novel BV  
84) The Mountain Monster Sep. 1976 Novel BV  
85) The Boss of Terror Nov. 1976 Novel BV  
86) The Angry Ghost Jan. 1977 Novel BV  
87) The Spotted Men Mar. 1977 Novel BV  
88) The Roar Devil May 1977 Novel BV  
89) The Magic Island July 1977 Novel BL Ost
90) The Flying Goblin Sep. 1977 Novel BL  
91) The Purple Dragon July 1978 Novel BL  
92) The Awful Egg Oct. 1978 Novel BL  
93) Tunnel Terror Feb. 1979 Novel BL  
94) The Hate Genius June 1979 Novel BL Violent Night
95) The Red Spider July 1979 Novel BL  
96) Mystery on Happy Bones Oct. 1979 Novel BL  

Beginning with Doc edition number 97-98, Bantam began reprinting two novels in one volume:

  97/98) Satan Black                  July 1980                 BL
         Cargo Unknown                                          "
 99/100) Hell Below                   Oct. 1980                 "
         The Lost Giant                                         "
101/102) The Pharaoh's Ghost          Jan. 1981                 "
         The Time Terror                                        "
103/104) The Whisker of Hercules      Apr. 1981                 "
         The Man Who Was Scared                                 "
105/106) They Died Twice              July 1981                 "
         The Screaming Man                                      "
107/108) Jiu San                      Oct. 1981              RK or BL
         The Black, Black Witch                                 "
109/110) The Shape of Terror          Jan. 1982                BL
         Death Had Yellow Eyes                                  "
111/112) One-Eyed Mystic              June 1982                 "
         The Man Who Fell Up                                    "
113/114) The Talking Devil            Dec. 1982                 "
         The Ten Ton Snakes                                     "
115/116) Pirate Isle                  July 1983                JB
         The Speaking Stone                                    BL
117/118) The Golden Man               Feb. 1984                 "
         Peril in the North                                     "
119/120) The Laugh of Death           June 1984                 "
         The King of Terror                                     "
121/122) The Three Wild Men           Oct. 1984                 "
         The Fiery Menace                                       "
123/124) Devils of the Deep           Dec. 1984                 "
         The Headless Men                                       "
125/126) The Goblins                  Mar. 1985                 "
         The Secret of the Su                                   "

Bantam reissued some earlier reprints in the doubles format. They produced only four of these books (eight novels).

  20/21) The Secret in the Sky        Mar. 1982                JB
         Cold Death                                             "
  22/23) The Czar of Fear             Sep. 1982                 "
         Fortress of Solitude                                  BL
  24/25) The Green Eagle              Mar. 1983                JB
         The Devil's Playground                                 "
  26/27) Death in Silver              Nov. 1983                 "
         Mystery Under the Sea                                  "

Beginning with reprint #127, Bantam began collecting multiple novels in single omnibus volumes, and numbering by volume rather than title.


127) The All-White Elf
128) The Running Skeletons
129) The Angry Canary
130) The Swooning Lady


131) The Mindless Monsters
132) The Rustling Death
133) King Joe Cay
134) The Thing That Pursued


135) The Spook of Grandpa Eben
136) Measures for a Coffin
137) The Three Devils
138) Strange Fish


139) Mystery Island
140) Men of Fear
141) Rock Sinister
142) The Pure Evil


143) No Light to Die By
144) The Monkey Suit
145) Let's Kill Ames
146) Once Over Lightly
147) I Died Yesterday


148) The Awful Dynasty
149) The Magic Forest
150) Fire and Ice
151) The Disappearing Lady


152) The Men Vanished
153) The Terrible Stork
154) Five Fathoms Dead
155) Danger Lies East


156) The Mental Monster
157) The Pink Lady
158) Weird Valley
159) Trouble on Parade


160) The Invisible-Box Murders
161) Birds of Death
162) The Wee Ones
163) Terror Takes 7


164) The Devil's Black Rock
165) Waves of Death
166) Terror and the Lonely Widow
167) The Two-Wise Owl


168) See-Pah-Poo
169) Colors For Murder
170) Three Times a Corpse
171) Death is a Round Black Spot
172) The Devil is Jones


173) Bequest of Evil
174) Death in Little Houses
175) Target for Death
176) The Death Lady
177) The Exploding Lake


178) The Derelict of Skull Shoal
179) Terror Wears No Shoes
180) The Green Master
181) Return From Cormoral
182) Up From Earth's Center

Unpublished in magazine form (but published by Bantam Books):

 95) July 1979     The Red Spider                            Dent  BL
183) Aug. 1991     Escape from Loki                        Farmer  SA
184) Oct. 1991     Python Isle                        Dent/Murray  JD
185) Mar. 1992     White Eyes                                "     JD
186) July 1992     The Frightened Fish                       "     JD
187) Oct. 1992     The Jade Ogre                             "     JD
188) Mar. 1993     Flight Into Fear                          "     JD
189) July 1993     The Whistling Wraith                      "     JD
190) Nov. 1993     The Forgotten Realm                       "     JD

Planned but unpublished:

191)               The Infernal Buddha                Dent/Murray
192)               Phantom Lagoon                            "
193)               The War Maker                             "
194)               The Ice Genius                            "
195)               The Smoking Spooks                        "
196)               The Nullifier                   Johnson/Murray
197)               Grotto of Spiders                  Dent/Murray
198)               Terror in Gold                            "

Artists Names:

        JB: James Bama
        JA: Jim Aviati
        LF: Lou Feck
        MK: Mort Kunstler
        DR: Doug Rosa
        FP: Fred Pfeiffer
        BV: Boris Vallejo
        BL: Bob Larkin
        RK: Roger Kastel
        HR: Hiram Richardson
        SA: Steve Assel
        JD: Joe DeVito

NOTE: A movie edition of The Man of Bronze, completely retypeset, with 8 pages of stills and a full color painting of Ron Ely as Doc on the back cover, was released in June, 1975, as a tie-in with the George Pal production, Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze. It was the 8th, and probably the most recent, printing. However, a Scholastic Book Club version of the same edition lists that as the 12th printing. Evidently, the book had numerous Scholastic printings, which are identical to the Bantam editions except for the lack of Bantam cover and spine logos, book numbers and printed price. The best-selling Doc Savage reprint is Brand of the Werewolf which sold over 185,000 copies!

Information on Doc and Friends Pulp publication data Other publication data Links to other sites Back to Home Page This file is Copyright © 1996-2002 by Will Murray & Scott Cranford. Doc Savage material first published by Street and Smith is Copyright © 1996-2002 by Condé Nast. Doc Savage is a registered trademark of Condé Nast. The new Doc Savage novels are Copyrighted by Will Murray and the Estate of Mrs. Lester Dent. This material maybe used for personal use only and may not be sold or distributed for a fee.

Source: http://home.comcast.net/~man-of-bronze/index3.htm

Bantam Book Blurbs[edit]

# Title Date Paperback Blurb Notes
1 The Man of Bronze March 1933 High above the skyscrapers of New York, Doc Savage engages in deadly combat with the red-fingered survivors of an ancient, lost civilization. Then, with his amazing crew, he journeys to the mysterious "lost valley" to search for a fabulous treasure and to destroy the mysterious Red Death.  
2 The Thousand-Headed Man July 1934 With a mysterious black Chinaman, Doc Savage and his amazing crew journey to the jungles of Indo-China in a desperate gamble to destroy the infamous Thousand-headed Man.  
3 Meteor Menace March 1934 Doc Savage and his fabulous crew journey to Tibet in pursuit of their most dangerous adversary, the evil genius Mo-Gwei. Battling against overwhelming odds, they try to stop him from conquering the world with a diabolical machine known as the Blue Meteor, a screaming blue visitor from space that turns men into raving animals!  
4 The Polar Treasure June 1933 Menaced by "the strange clicking danger," Doc Savage and his fabulous five-man army take a desperate journey on a polar submarine in search of a missing ocean liner and a dazzling treasure. Their only clue is a map tattooed on the back of a blind violinist. Awaiting them at their destination is the most terrible killer the Arctic has ever known.  
5 Brand of the Werewolf January 1934 Seeking to avenge his brother's murder, Doc Savage and his daring crew become involved in a desperate hunt for the lost treasure of the pirate, Henry Morgan. Stalking them every inch of the way is the archfiend, El Rabanos, and his strange ally, the werewolf's paw!  
6 The Lost Oasis September 1933 While seeking to solve the mystery of " the trained vampire murders," Doc Savage and his amazing crew suddenly find themselves prisoners of Sol Yuttal and Hadi-Mot aboard a hijacked Zeppelin. Their deadly destination is a fabulous lost diamond mine guarded by carnivorous plants and monstrous, bloodsucking bats.  
7 The Monsters April 1934 The breeding ground was a walled castle completely covered over with a huge electrified net. Inside were the scum of the earth, gathered from the prisons of the world, transformed into invincible giants. Now they were ready to ravage the world -- unless Doc Savage and his mighty crew could stop them.  
8 The Land of Terror April 1933 A vile greenish vapor was all that remained of the first victim of the monstrous Smoke of Eternity. There would be thousands more if Kar, master fiend, had his evil way. Only Doc Savage and his mighty five could stop him. But the corpse-laden trail led to mortal combat with the fiercest killing machines ever invented by nature.  
9 The Mystic Mullah January 1935 It was an ageless thing that had existed since the beginning of time -- a monstrous green face that spoke sudden death. With its legions of ghostly, nebulous soul slaves, it had begun to terrorize the world. Even Doc Savage and his fantastic five were helpless against its awesome power, until....  
10 The Phantom City December 1933 Arabian thieves led by the diabolically clever Molallet set one fiendish trap after another for Doc Savage and his mighty five. Only "Doc," with his superhuman mental and physical powers, could have withstood this incredible ordeal of endurance which led from the cavern of the crying rock through the pitiless desert of Rub' Al Khali and its Phantom City to a fight to the death against the last of a savage prehistoric race of white-haired beasts.  
11 Fear Cay September 1934 It was all a great mystery. Who was this man called Dan Thunden who claimed he was one hundred and thirty years old? Did he really have the secret of the fountain of youth? What was this island called Fear Cay that spelled horror and death? What was the strange thing that turned men to bone? These were the mysteries that Doc Savage and his fearless crew had to solve at peril of their very lives.  
12 Quest of Qui July 1935 It started when a Viking Dragon ship attacked a yacht in the waters outside New York. Next, "Ham" was stabbed with a 1,200 year-old Viking knife. Then Johnny was captured and frozen solid in a block of arctic ice. Finally, even the mighty man of bronze himself -- Doc Savage -- is kidnapped and enslaved by the chilling menace. What is his plan this time? Can he save himself and his friends from almost certain destruction?  
13 Land of Always-Night March 1935 With the fate of America hanging in the balance, Doc Savage and his fearless crew battle a hideously white-faced man named Ool who kills merely with a touch of his finger. The only clue to his diabolical power is a mysterious pair of dark goggles which brings death to whomever possesses them. The trail leads to a fabulous lost super-civilization hidden deep in the bowels of the earth, where Doc Savage and his fabulous five face their supreme challenge.  
14 The Fantastic Island December 1935 It looked just like any other deserted island. But hidden under its tropical sands was a monstrous slave empire, a vast underground network of death pits, giant carnivorous crabs and prehistoric beasts, ruled by the blood-crazed Count Ramadanoff. Blasting their way into this nightmare of horror, Doc Savage and "the fabulous five" embark on their most daring adventure.  
15 Murder Melody November 1935 It began with a series of quakes which tore huge, gaping holes in the surface of the earth. Soon the sky over the Northwest was filled with the bodies of strange floating men playing a weird melody of death. Was the world doomed? Could Doc Savage and his Fabulous Five save it from almost certain destruction? Join them as they race to the center of the earth for a titanic battle with the power-crazed leaders of a fantastic super-civilization.  
16 The Spook Legion April 1935 The entire city of New York is swept up in a wave of terror, as an evil international conspiracy devises a crime so sinister that only Doc Savage and his five mighty cohorts can halt its fiendish plan. Led by a phantom master criminal with stupifying supernatural powers, the conspiracy sets trap after trap for Doc. Finally, in a fantastic underground empire, the fearless bronze giant and his courageous crew must fight for their lives against a diabolical enemy that cannot even be seen.  
17 The Red Skull August 1933 Into a subterranean world of red-hot lava, Doc Savage and his fantastic five descend -- to face the most fiendish foe of his career. Awaiting Doc is an irresistible power that can level mountains... that can enslave the world... and that threatens to make Doc's most dangerous adventure his very last...  
18 The Sargasso Ogre October 1933 A ruthless attempt on the life of one of Doc's crew thrusts the Man of Bronze and his incomparable companions into a chilling new adventure. From the ancient, skull-lined catacombs of Alexandria to a fantastic sea of floating primitive life where they unravel the centuries-old mystery of the Sargasso, Doc Savage and his men once more pursue the perverse agents of evil!  
19 Pirate of the Pacific July 1933 Not ships but nations are the prey of the sinister Oriental mastermind, Tom Too. Only Doc Savage and his daring crew stand a chance of saving the world from this figure of evil and his lethal legions. On land and sea, in the weirdest corners of the wide world, Doc and his friends plunge into their wildest adventure -- against their most dangerous foe!  
20 The Secret in the Sky May 1935 A ball of fire streaks across the heavens leaving death and ruin in its wake -- A machine of terror which cannot be halted -- An amazing intelligence capable of rendering an entire continent barren... All America trembles as Doc Savage grapples with the most awesome challenge of his astonishing career!  
21 Cold Death September 1936 Doc Savage meets his most merciless adversary -- VAR, the faceless fiend whose strange voice announces a terrible mandate of destruction! VAR, who wields the deadly Cold Light, and dares hurl the ultimate challenge at Doc and his mighty crew -- A fight to the death with the world at stake!  
22 The Czar of Fear November 1933 DOC SAVAGE IS ACCUSED OF MURDER! The bronze giant battles police, thugs, and a macabre foe in a spectacular struggle to save a city from total desolation. The Arch Enemy of Evil pits his tremendous resources against the grisly and mysterious Green Bell -- the sinister hooded figure whose deadly genius threatens to destroy Doc and drive thousands of innocent people mad!  
23 Fortress of Solitude October 1938 The deep mysteries of Doc Savage are finally revealed! John Sunlight, poetic genius of evil, gruesome master of a thousand elements of screaming terror, discovers the innermost secrets of The Man of Bronze. Doc Savage finds himself enmeshed in a diabolical web of dark horror as he valiantly battles the appalling machines of destruction he himself has invented!  
24 The Green Eagle July 1941 The Man of Bronze rides the mystery trail in a totally new kind of adventure. What is the strange fainting sickness? Who is the shadowy, white-haired McCain? Why would a starving man rather die than eat? And how many men must be brutally destroyed before Doc Savage can solve the riddle of The Green Eagle?  
25 The Devil's Playground January 1941 Night after night the Indian drums boomed their terrifying portent of evil and destruction. And each night another victim of "the thousand cuts" lay dead in the forest. Doc Savage grapples with the eerie and sinister Michabou, the great spirit of the primitive Ojibway tribe, in the herculean attempt to cease the senseless blood bath of the Devil's Tomahawks, and to quiet forever the mysterious drums of murder.  
26 Death in Silver October 1934 An awesome legion of master criminals launch a devastating series of raids that set the entire east coast of America aflame. Skyscrapers explode, ocean liners disappear, key witnesses are kidnapped and brutally murdered as the holocaust rages. In a desperate race against time Doc Savage attempts to discover the true identity of the twisted brain who rules the silver-costumed marauders -- while the mysterious Ull and his army of hooded assassins move closer to their grim objective of world domination!  
27 Mystery Under the Sea February 1936 There was only one clue to the bloody enigma of TAZ -- the illegible, dying scrawl of a horribly mutilated sailor. What was the message he had so desperately tried to deliver? Why had sizzling acid been forced into his mouth? What secret had the dead man unraveled about the flamboyant and brutal Captain Flamingo? Held captive aboard a tramp steamer, The Man of Bronze and his bold allies wrestle with the dread riddle of Taz.  
28 The Deadly Dwarf (Originally entitled "Repel") October 1937 Cadwiller Olden was only three feet tall, but he was the most dangerous man on Earth. With his legion of brutal giants, and control of REPEL -- a massive, devastating energy force -- the murderous midget began an all-out assault against the defenseless bastions of the free nations. As the entire world huddles in fear, Doc Savage battles against the bizarre doll criminal, and the unleashed fury of his deadly tool of destruction, REPEL!  
29 The Other World January 1940 From the moment Decimo Tercio appeared, it was obvious that everything connected with him was unearthly. His appearance was decidedly bizarre and the goods he carried for sale were astonishingly unique. The strange visitor remained on Earth less than four days, but in that short time he managed to lure Doc Savage into the most nightmarish escapade of his danger-studded career.  
30 The Flaming Falcons June 1939 The huge terror Falcons swooped suddenly from the sky to feed on the flesh of hundreds of innocent human beings. Then, their mad lust satiated, they disappeared in a searing flash of white flame. While the terrified world waited for their return, The Man of Bronze and his gallant group penetrated the steaming, unexplored jungles of Asia to uncover the lost lair of The Blood-Birds of Indo-China.  
31 The Annihilist December 1934 The dread Annihilist was slaughtering the criminals of New York in wholesale lots. Hundreds of men were found mysteriously murdered, victims of the hideous pop-eyed death. The finger of suspicion pointed directly at one man, Doc Savage himself. Even as The Man of Bronze scrambled to solve the terrifying enigma, the invisible assassin began to play havoc with one of humanity's most important secret defenses -- Doc Savage's legendary crime college.  
32 Dust of Death October 1935 The tiny South American republics of Santa Amoza and Delezon were at war when a mysterious, hooded figure -- known only as The Inca in Gray -- appeared and began slaughtering citizens of both sides with a strange dust that brought instant, writhing death. Doc Savage and his mighty crew rush to the dense Amazonian forest in hopes of saving lives, but all they find when they arrive is a firing squad -- ready to execute the Man of Bronze!  
33 The Terror in the Navy April 1937 A bizarre dictator unleashes a deadly force against the United States Navy: the mightiest vessels in the U.S. armada are sunk; warplanes are pulled from the clouds; end Doc Savage's impenetrable sky fortress is ripped from the stratosphere! And the brash, strutting BRAUN demands one hundred million dollars in ransom from a nation in chaos. Only the Man of Bronze dares challenge the crushing power of this phantom force!  
34 Mad Eyes May 1937 Suddenly the air was filled with a thousand glistening reptiles. Suddenly Doc Savage became the cruelest of mass murderers. Suddenly the world was threatened with extinction by the contamination of its water supply. In the space of twenty-four hours the Earth became a seething storm of agony as the menace of the slithering madness struck in all its fury!  
35 The Squeaking Goblin August 1934 The tale of a skeletal sharpshooter who used a strange squeaking weapon was told around backwoods campfires. To most it was just a legend, but for some it became a terrifying reality -- especially those whose skulls were shattered by the deadly "disappearing bullets." Doc Savage dodges flying death as he tracks the spectral killer who defies every law of nature!  
36 Resurrection Day November 1936 The sweeping genius of the Man of Bronze reaches into the very secret of life itself. A stunned nation hears the announcement that one -- and only one -- long-dead human being will be brought back to life. Who will be chosen? Lincoln? Edison? Shakespeare? As the world rejoices and conjectures, the powers of Evil plan a final, insidious joke on all humanity!  
37 Hex November 1939 From the moment Miles Billings arrived in a little town near Salem Corners called Witches' Hollow, Hannah the witch began her reign of terror. While innocent people were being "hexed" and reduced to mumbling nonsense, The Man of Bronze went into action, risking his own life and those of his bold allies. Doc Savage plunged into nightmare horrors to subdue the most terrifying Mast of Crime alive.  
38 Red Snow February 1935 When the red snow descends, all in its path are destroyed, their bodies devoured by the scarlet rot. ARK, the monstrous-headed scholar of evil, sprays red death across a terrified nation and demands total surrender. Doc Savage is helpless as America reels under the crimson lash of deadly snow -- helpless because he stands accused of murder!  
39 World's Fair Goblin April 1939 The thing called MAXIMUS was eight feet tall and matted with hair. It ran amok among the sophisticated, scientific marvels of the fair, striking stark, cringing fear into the sightseers. The Man of Bronze battles the brilliant brain that controls the monster -- an evil genius capable of creating an army of huge horrors.  
40 The Dagger in the Sky December 1939 Three times the dagger had appeared -- destroyed -- then disappeared! Three times the knife of KUKULKAN hung in the sky, two hundred feet tall, while death struck. The Man of Bronze stalks the dark secret of the blade -- a quest that takes him deep into the jungle to the very edge of doom!  
41 Merchants of Disaster July 1939 The deadliest weapon ever devised is unleashed upon the world. A twisted message, scrawled by a blind man, is the only clue to the flashing lights of shuddering death. Doc Savage calls upon every known secret of science in his fierce battle with The Oxygen Destroyer!  
42 The Gold Ogre May 1939 A legion of tiny terrorists launches a startling series of raids against Crescent City. Death, destruction, and a disease which drives men mad, are the results of the audacious attacks. The Man of Bronze meets a new quartet of allies -- and confronts the oddest opponents he's ever challenged....  
43 The Man Who Shook The Earth February 1934 One by one the rich nitrate miners of Antofagasta, Chile, were being hideously crushed to death by falling boulders. Then the Man of Bronze saw the evil hand of The Mad Earth Shaker -- and uncovered his terrifying plot to control the world!  
44 The Sea Magician November 1934 King John's ghost was stalking The Wash, a vast marshy area in England, terrorizing and maiming the inhabitants. Then the mighty Man of Bronze investigated -- and discovered the impossible. The Wash was producing real gold ... from nowhere!  
45 The Men Who Smiled No More April 1936 It started with a senseless murder. Then it spread -- all over New York men were becoming robot-like automatons without emotions. The Man of Bronze went into action. But even Doc Savage was stricken helpless before he solved the terrifying menace of The Death's Head Grin!  
46 The Midas Man August 1936 Riches beyond the wealth of kings were within the evil grasp of The Midas Man. His very thoughts were worth criminal millions -- no man could escape his evil device. But he hadn't counted on the power for good of Doc Savage!  
47 Land of Long Ju Ju January 1937 The ruthless power of The Shimba threatened to overthrow the good and gentle ruler of an African kingdom -- and destroy forever the line of succession. Until the mighty Man of Bronze smashed the jungle menace and solved its terrible secret!  
48 The Feathered Octopus September 1937 Lured into a trap by a bogus appeal to his sense of goodness, Doc Savage saw a dangerous plot to gain control of all the world's airlines. But the monstrous financial manipulator High Lar, his wife Lo Lar and their gang hadn't counted on the superhuman strength and cunning of the Man of Bronze to uncover their evil plan!  
49 The Sea Angel November 1937 One by one, the biggest wheeler-dealers in the financial world of New York mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen or heard of again -- brutally gobbled up by The Silver Ogre. Until the Man of Bronze took up the eerie trail when the next victim was one of Doc's own men!  
50 Devil on the Moon March 1938 A fiery red flash bursts through the silence of the night ... a dying green man insists he's been held captive on the moon .. a small blue capsule conceals an unearthly medallion. Can the invincible Man of Bronze piece together this weird puzzle in time to save the world from the devilish merchants of international war?  
51 Haunted Ocean June 1936 An awesome power haunts the sea, paralyzes New York City and brings the most powerful nations of the world to their knees. Deep in the frozen Arctic an astonishing army of naked men and the forces of international greed challenge the invincible Man of Bronze for the strange secret of the so-called Man of Peace!  
52 The Vanisher December 1936 Twenty convict vanished without a trace from maximum security cells, and top businessmen suddenly disappeared. The tabloids trumpeted the reign of a small, deformed man -- or woman -- spotted at the scenes. Strangely, Doc Savage was framed for the disappearances -- and then the murders ... But the Horrible Hunchback hadn't counted on the wrath of the mighty Man of Bronze!  
53 The Mental Wizard March 1937 The massive creature -- a mile from head to toe! -- sleeps in the steaming jungle. Is the behemoth real, or has the golden enchantress "Z" conquered the magnificent Man of Bronze with the hypnotic power of her superhuman mind? Doc Savage meets his mental match when he uncovers the strange lost kingdom of the deadly Amazon.  
54 He Could Stop The World July 1937 The world was imperiled by a terrifying, malevolent force that had the power to change men's minds. Even Doc Savage's own men willingly deserted him when struck by the waves of the Mind Changing Monster. High in the Sierras, he lived in an incredible fortress -- ruthless, omnipotent, preparing to rule the world. But he hadn't reckoned on the superhuman powers of the Man of Bronze.  
55 The Golden Peril December 1937 Few had known of the ancient Mayan kingdom which provided Doc Savage with billions of dollars in precious gold to finance his unceasing fight against evil. Threatened by The Leader and his international band of cutthroat warriors, the amazing Man of Bronze cunningly battles for the financial security and future peace of the entire world.  
56 The Giggling Ghosts July 1938 Fears of ghosts and a deadly giggling gas become a terrifying reality to millions of people threatened by the S.R.G.V. The Man of Bronze faces a supreme test as he pits might against the forces of evil.  
57 Poison Island September 1939 Weird disappearances at sea ... an empty schooner full-rigged with no signs of life on board ... on the foremast a fantastic crimson eye. A mad dictator strangles the Caribbean as the Man of Bronze penetrates the century-old curse that triggered a submarine war!  
58 The Munitions Master August 1938 Screaming trunks of soldiers seared by white-hot fire ... a small, twisted man carrying long loaves of bread ... a thin liquid with a peculiar sickening smell ... Branded the worst traitor in history, the Man of Bronze fights through the flames of revolution to uncover the master of a world of the Living Dead!  
59 The Yellow Cloud February 1939 The Navy's new ultra-secret super weapon vanished from the skies -- pilot and plane eaten up by a yellow cloud a quarter of a mile long. The country's military safety hung in the balance until the Man of Bronze uncovered the deadliest spy apparatus ever.  
60 The Majii September 1935 In New York, Rama Tura, chosen disciple of the Majii, leads Doc Savage into a sinister world of drugs and advanced hypnotism. Far away in Jondore, a revolt is brewing that will pit the Man of Bronze against his most devious opponent: the who cannot die.  
61 The Living Fire Menace January 1938 Nations arming for international conflict engage in a behind-the-scenes mineral war that threatens to disrupt the natural balance of the universe. The Man of Bronze rises to the titanic peak of his strength and wit to uncover the secret of the cavern with the living fire!  
62 The Pirate's Ghost April 1938 At his supersensational best, the Man of Bronze finesses an international band of modern day pirates in possession of the master invention by the Mad Genius of Death Valley!  
63 The Submarine Mystery June 1938 It might be a hoax, and it might not be. Blood has been spilled! People are dead! The Man of Bronze ably confronts a dangerous crackpot scheme that has a baffled world wondering what will happen next.  
64 The Motion Menace May 1938 The Man of Bronze and his cousin Pat face an inordinate challenge: a machine that makes all modern weapons worthless. A gang of international thieves in control of the invention are shooting high: World Control.  
65 The Green Death November 1938 From Matto Grosso -- in the deadly heart of the Green Hell -- comes an organic mystery that paralyzes even the Man of Bronze: an oozing horror that wipes out the line between life and death!  
66 Mad Mesa January 1939 In one of the most masterly of Doc Savage adventures, the Man of Bronze is jailed! But all the prison bars in the world could not hold Doc when he was on his way to dispelling the madness in the desert that changes people into other identities!  
67 The Freckled Shark March 1939 In his most exotic adventure, the Man of Bronze encounters the insane money lust of Senor Steel, president-dictator of Blanca Grande (a very unfortunate South American republic); decodes the awful secret of Matacumbe; and sinks -- for what may be the last time -- into the muddy horror of the primitive jungle.  
68 Quest of the Spider May 1933 Inside the grim, swamp-surrounded "Castle of the Moccasin," the Man of Bronze and his faithful, fearless band are trapped -- perhaps forever -- in an insidious web of evil by a masterdevil known only as the Gray Spider!  
69 The Mystery on the Snow May 1934 In one of his most important adventures, the Man of Bronze journeys north to Canada, and in her magnificent wilderness solves a billion-dollar riddle: Who or What has committed murder -- and worse! -- to possess the secret of the miracle called Benlanium?  
70 Spook Hole August 1935 The Man of Bronze and his trustworthy friends track a one-armed man of mystery to the far reaches of South America -- only to find their lives endangered when they discover the amazing secret that Hezemiah Law is guarding so carefully on Spook Hole!  
71 Murder Mirage January 1936 A blizzard in July and a woman's image is frozen in glass -- how could these bizarre events possibly be connected? To find the answer and save the life of Ranyon Cartheris, the Man of Bronze and his dauntless allies journey to hot desert sands halfway round the world, where they are trapped -- perhaps never to emerge -- in the ancient underground tombs of Tasunan.  
72 The Metal Master March 1936 The Metal Master exists and will destroy the world! To stop him, the Man of Bronze and his daring friends launch a search for the source of his amazing power -- and find themselves trapped on a sandy deserted island with the Metal Master himself!  
73 The Seven Agate Devils May 1936 Murder on an international scale was being committed by a sinister mastermind. His method -- an unusual, unescapable form of death. His trademark -- a small statuette next to the corpse. The Man of Bronze and his fearless friends do battle with the thieving, murderous spawn from Hell -- and become marked men themselves!  
74 The Derrick Devil February 1937 A mysterious jellylike creature is terrorizing the Indian Dome Oil Field! The Man of Bronze and his five fantastic aides descend upon Oklahoma to do battle with dastardly Tomahawk Tant -- and uncover the infernal secret of the weird monster from the depths of the earth.  
75 The Land of Fear June 1937 The skeleton death awaits all who come in contact with those from the land of fear -- and the Man of Bronze is not immune. He and his dauntless allies pursue the mystery from New York to Africa, doing battle with Greens Gordon all the way.  
76 The Black Spot July 1936 All the guests were dressed as gangsters but their millionaire host was dead in the library with a black spot over his heart. Then the black spot struck again. And again. The Man of Bronze and his courageous crew leap into action against Jingles Sporado and his mob but they soon suspect a peril greater than any they have ever confronted.  
77 The South Pole Terror October 1936 What was the fabulous treasure Velma Crale had discovered in the South Pole? And why was Cheaters Slagg willing to kill to keep her from talking? The Man of Bronze and his five aides give chase all the way to the bottom of the world -- and are nearly sunburned to death!  
78 The Crimson Serpent August 1939 A ferocious killer is stalking the Arkansas swamp! As the Man of Bronze and loyal companions venture forth to unmask the dread villain, they encounter some of the most horrifying perils of their careers -- including the Crimson Serpent itself!  
79 The Devil Genghis December 1938 A fantastic horror has come out of the polar regions -- a menace so bizarre it causes men to go insane! The Man of Bronze and his courageous crew penetrate the rugged Asian interior on a perilous mission: to find out the source of this mystery and smash the evil genius who controls it.  
80 The King Maker June 1934 In the Kingdom of Calbia, the most far-flung plot of the century is already under way. The Man of Bronze and his daring companions join the revolutionary forces of Conte Cozonac but soon find themselves the intended victims of the most fearsome weapons the world has ever seen!  
81 The Stone Man October 1939 The Man of Bronze and his fearless friends trail the treacherous Spad Ames to the Arizona Badlands. There they encounter the mysterious men who live through the mists -- men who can turn flesh into stone!  
82 The Evil Gnome April 1940 A circus performer, a state governor and a respected banker -- all murdered in the same mysterious way. As the Man of Bronze and his courageous crew rush to uncover the fiendish mastermind responsible, they are drawn more tightly into a web of awesome terror.  
83 The Red Terrors September 1938 The Red Terrors -- they came out of the depths to seize an unsuspected ship and transport its precious human cargo to their watery domain. There, in a lost sunken world under the sea, they lived securely. Until they sank the wrong ship ... and the Man of Bronze came to call.  
84 The Mountain Monster February 1938 The monster came without warning. It came as Indian legend had said it would come, in the night and while a storm raged. It brought terror and horror to peaceful Arcadia Valley. It transformed an Alaskan paradise into a panic-stricken, fear-blanched hell. Only one man could stop it -- the Man of Bronze.  
85 The Boss of Terror May 1940 Men by the name of Smith were being knocked off all over town. And they were all killed by lightning -- lightening that entered a room without leaving any marks, on a day when there was no lightning. As the Man of Bronze penetrated ever closer to the heart of this mystery, he was scared. For he knew he was closer to death than possibly at any other time in his hair-raising career.  
86 The Angry Ghost February 1940 The mysterious menace came out of nowhere to strike along the Atlantic coast. In its wake, buildings, planes and bridges crumbled. The government was worried -- soon there would be widespread panic. The Man of Bronze leaped into action to unmask the villain and expose his cunning treachery.  
87 The Spotted Men March 1940 The events were bizarre. First, a millionaire industrialist vanished. Then, his workers broke out in red spots and went crazy. The Man of Bronze and his courageous crew sped to the scene of disaster to search for the perfidious plotter willing to gamble the minds and bodies of men to amass a vast fortune. Were they already too late?  
88 The Roar Devil June 1935 The Roar Devil -- he shook the earth. He stopped all sound. He had a vast organization of desperate criminals at his command. Now the good citizens of Powertown were terrorized. At any moment the Roar Devil might strike again. They sent for the only person whose cunning and skill could defeat him -- the Man of Bronze.  
89 The Magic Island (Originally entitled "Ost") August 1937 By night, a fabulous city floats like a phosphorescent fantasy over the watery waste of the Pacific. The awestruck sailors who witness this miraculous sight find themselves gifted suddenly with superhuman powers. But by morning the phantasm -- and its magic -- have mysteriously vaporized. Stranger still, why are a certain crime kingpin and beautiful but ruthless heiress fascinated by the unearthly event? To come up -- alive --with an answer, the Man of Bronze will need all his incredible cunning and towering strength.  
90 The Flying Goblin July 1940 The Headless Horseman rides again in Sleepy Hollow -- this time streaking down the sky with flashing speed causing destruction and horror wherever he lands. Here is a puzzle worthy of the penetrating powers of the Man of Bronze -- a deception so devious it would have to be solved on two continents.  
91 The Purple Dragon September 1940 Graduates of Doc's college for criminals who revert to their former identities. A master trickster who will stop at nothing to further his evil plans. A ferocious monster that turns men's minds to mush. All are part of a cunning scheme which the Man of Bronze and his loyal companions must smash -- or die trying.  
92 The Awful Egg June 1940 From the frozen heart of the American continent comes a nameless prehistoric terror of unspeakable savagery, leaving a broken trail of mangled victims that shocks and baffles the world. Only the superhuman Man of Bronze can meet this horrifying menace on its own bloody ground -- and uncover the even greater evil that spawned it.  
93 Tunnel Terror August 1940 It came out of nowhere and turned men into mummies. It threatened the construction of the mighty Yellow River Dam. But when it came after Hardrock Hennesey, the tough little mucker summoned the Man of Bronze -- the sensational mind who could smash the diabolical forces behind the mind-boggling mystery.  
94 The Hate Genius (Originally entitled "Violent Night") January 1945 World War II is drawing to a close. Hitler rigs an assassination of a look-alike double in a daring plot to save his ruined Reich -- then disappears. America calls on its greatest hero -- Doc Savage -- to track down this most evil of adversaries and stop the phony martyrdom. Joining him in this last-ditch crusade are a wide assortment of Allied agents -- one of whom may be the fleeing Fuehrer himself!  
95 The Red Spider (Not published as a pulp magazine) Doc smuggles himself into Moscow on his most daring mission yet! The Man of Bronze tangles with a deadly military secret, some sinister Soviets, and -- most dangerous of all -- a heroine of the Russian underground who is as treacherous as she is beautiful.  
96 Mystery on Happy Bones July 1943 Happy Bones -- sinister island in the Caribbean that harbors a secret wealth vital to the success of World War II. The Man of Bronze exposes the Germans and undergoes one of the most shattering confrontations of the war. And Doc encounters the beautiful and savage Hannah, the last descendant of a lusty line of pirate marauders.  
97 Satan Black November 1944 The Man of Bronze is pegged for murder in a family feud over a pipeline stretching from Arkansas to the Atlantic. The precious oil it carries is needed by the army for the invasion of Europe that will end the war. Only Doc Savage and his fearless sidekicks can find the real culprit and see that the pipeline gets built -- at the risk of death by dynamite!  
98 Cargo Unknown April 1945 Doc Savage's men are on a top secret mission aboard the Pilotfish when the submarine explodes and sinks to the ocean floor. The Man of Bronze tracks down the treacherous vipers behind the sabotage and searches for the purgatory of terror 200 feet below the ocean surface -- with only 12 hours of air left!  
99 Hell Below September 1943 A mad refugee from Hitler's crumbling Reich has set up a powerful fortress in Mexico. The plan? Capture Doc Savage and bring him by submarine to the desert hideout ... enlist his aid in carrying out the "New Effort" -- the one that will succeed where Hitler failed!  
100 The Lost Giant December 1944 Across the Arctic wastes, Doc Savage races deadly enemy agents on skis and in bombers -- to a remote island off the Greenland coast. The quarry is a secret so great that the future of nations hinges on Doc and his crew ... and their ability to stand solidly against menacing forces of evil.  
101 The Pharaoh's Ghost June 1944 In the mysterious land of the sphinx, Doc Savage and his crew confront a sinister foe -- who uses a pharaoh's curse and machine guns to carry out his evil will. Doc trails the malevolent genius to his remote hideout, just as his friends are scheduled for sacrifice to bloodthirsty gods!  
102 The Time Terror January 1943 The monstrous winged lizard swooped out of the sky bringing terror and destruction. Was this horrible creature just a freak of nature? Or did it spell the end of humanity? Doc and his aides didn't have time to wonder. They had to push forward -- into a lost valley of prehistoric beasts and men!  
103 The Whisker of Hercules April 1944 A superhuman god springs from mythology to terrorize and destroy. Those who cross its malevolent path also discover a quick way to die. Doc Savage and his crew set out to stop this ancient evil, and just as Doc closes in -- he's face to face with a silver-haired Adonis!  
104 The Man Who Was Scared July 1944 A simple breakfast cereal sends Doc after a faceless criminal mastermind who is plotting nationwide horror. Following a wild battle in New York's Grand Central Station, Doc discovers two shuddering facts -- his crew has vanished, and the cops, army, and FBI want him for murder!  
105 They Died Twice November 1942 Doc is lured into a strange memory machine and learns that his father had committed a crime. To right that wrong, Doc must divulge his best-kept secret -- but it lands Doc and his crew in a lost valley as captives of an ancient tribe of savages ... and the sacrificial rites have begun!  
106 The Screaming Man December 1945 From war-ravaged Manila to an ocean liner bound for chaos, Doc races to solve three mysteries at once -- the kidnapping of one of his valuable crew, the sinister secret behind a strange dancing girl and the identity of a power-crazed dictator more malevolent that Hitler!  
107 Jiu San October 1944 A malevolent new leader has risen to terrorize the Western world. No one knows who he is. Doc, his crew, and a blonde war correspondent risk everything to find out. But to get the answers, they must face the death-dealing powers of a madman on the nighttime streets of a city known for its bloodthirsty killers -- Yokohama!  
108 The Black, Black Witch March 1943 A frantic message from occupied France lures Doc and Monk into a midnight trap behind Nazi lines. First, they must escape from the enemy. Second, they must risk their lives to thwart the horrifying 400-year-old evil of Peterpence -- before it destroys the entire world!  
109 The Shape of Terror August 1944 A sinister plot is underway, and it all begins with the incredible and horrifying death of Doc Savage. Everyone says it is an accident, but Monk and Ham know the truth -- and that means they know too much. For the terrifying plan to succeed, Monk and Ham must die too!  
110 Death Had Yellow Eyes February 1944 Out of the darkness, yellow and bodiless eyes peer into the faces of Doc Savage and his crew. And when Monk vanishes inside a locked room, Doc leaps to the rescue -- plunging straight into a vicious international maelstrom that could change the course of history!  
111 (According to Plan of a) One-Eyed Mystic January 1944 A criminal master of mind-control conspires to sell the ultimate weapon of terror and destruction to the Nazis. Only Doc and his daring crew can stop him. They trail their malevolent quarry to the frozen Arctic sea -- and fall into an icy evil trap of machine guns, U-boats and sheer insanity!  
112 The Man Who Fell Up July 1942 A sinister plot to destroy America is unleashed when a man is killed outside a New York skyscraper -- by falling up! Doc Savage blasts into action, only to discover that two of his trusted aides have vanished! To save them and the nation, Doc alone must risk his life in a horrifying arena of torture, blood and murder!  
113 The Talking Devil May 1943 Doc Savage is the target of a new, malevolent foe -- the spirit of the King of Evil, who utters murderous commands through an ancient Chinese Devil Doll. Is Doc cursed? Or has a maniacal criminal genius discovered the ultimate key to Doc's destruction? To survive, the Man of Bronze plunges into a terrifying struggle that can end only one way -- death!  
114 The Ten Ton Snakes March 1945 A war hero running for his life and a mysteriously heavy cargo of exotic snake skins send Doc and his crew racing into the steaming jungles of Brazil. There, the Man of Bronze unearths a bizarre secret buried for centuries -- and battles a sinister force that marks him for instant execution!  
115 Pirate Isle May 1942 A murderous madman is holding a South Sea atoll in terror. His aim? Nothing less than pirating the secret of turning sea water into gold. His obsession? Set a deadly trap -- then obliterate the Man of Bronze and his bold crew!  
116 The Speaking Stone June 1942 To unlock the secret of a mysterious talking stone, Doc travels to an ancient utopia high in the mountains. A vicious army of vipers are hot on his heels, racing him to the city in the clouds. To get the secret, Doc's awesome talents are soon tested when he must protect the lives of his crew -- and the lives of everyone in the city!  
117 The Golden Man April 1941 A golden man rises miraculously from the sea with the power to peer into the future and challenge the Man of Bronze. Doc Savage and his crew follow the mystery man's fabulous trail from South America to New York where they uncover his Dark Sanctuary -- and come face to face with an evil cult of blackmail and murder!  
118 Peril in the North December 1941 250 people are abandoned in the Arctic wilderness at the mercy of a murderous madman. Only Doc Savage can prevent wholesale slaughter on ice. Following a gun- and bomb-blasting battle on the New York docks, the Man of Bronze and his crew face northward to smash a sinister plot -- and to expose the cruel secret of a bloodthirsty foreign dictator!  
119 The Laugh of Death October 1942 Doc's trusty crew suddenly disappears. The only clue is an unearthly laughter that arises from nowhere and destroys the will. Doc, alone, must save his sidekicks before they die -- but when the laughter attacks him, the Man of Bronze becomes the helpless puppet of evil!  
120 The King of Terror April 1943 A ruthless madman is plotting to rule the world. His ingenious plan involves an enigmatic woman, a psychotic surgeon, and a strange and powerful fog that muddles men's minds. First, they have to kill Doc Savage. And Doc's vengeance begins only after he is dead!  
121 The Three Wild Men August 1942 The FBI is after the Man of Bronze. The U.S. government believes he's conducting bizarre experiments to transform the world's wealthiest and most powerful men into brutal, mindless creatures. From posh New York apartments to murky Virginia swamps, Doc Savage races one step ahead of the G-men as he seeks the true evil genius behind the maniacal plot of worldwide terror!  
122 The Fiery Menace September 1942 A vampire is loose in the streets of Manhattan, and it's dropped off a corpse for a calling card at Doc Savage's doorstep. The Man of Bronze and his crew follow the trail of blood and murder to a remote Atlantic island where they uncover a million dollars in gold, a stolen Nazi submarine, and a shipload of danger, death, and fiery fist-crunching action!  
123 Devils of the Deep October 1940 A mysterious "sea monster" is sighted by fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. Then a pirated submarine, using a powerful secret weapon, begins to terrorize shipping along the entire Atlantic seaboard. Hundreds die as warships of all nations join together to find and destroy the deadly menace. The chief suspects: Doc Savage and his loyal crew!  
124 The Headless Men June 1941 A mad scientist has invented a way to decapitate people and let them live as his headless slaves. The Man of Bronze and his crew pursue this deadly genius to Central America, where they are all trapped and captured. Only Doc Savage can prevent the headless horde from taking over the world -- but he is strapped to a sacrificial altar and is scheduled to lose his head at midnight!  
125 The Goblins October 1943 Doc Savage and his crew are cornered. They're pinned down in a blazing crossfire between the forces of law, a ruthless master criminal and the most horrible horror the Man of Bronze has ever faced. A terror squad of tiny green men with fiendish grins -- whose slightest touch means instant, agonizing death!  
126 The Secret of the Su November 1943 The Nazis have offered three million dollars for the ancient treasure -- and the insidious Dr. Light is eager to betray his country to feed his lust for power. Doc Savage and his amazing crew race toward the devastating secret buried in the Everglades. Deep in the jungle, they must battle a race of warriors from the lost continent of Atlantis -- with the fate of the civilized world at stake!  
127 Bleeding Sun   Not published as a pulp magazine (this paperback is a hoax!) Doc and his courageous crew race to the Far East to combat the Axis plague! Can they solve the mystery of an insidious new weapon certain to turn the tide of the war? What causes the sun to turn red and ships to disappear? Can mere light really turn a man to smoke and ashes? Will Doc and Monk save Ham in time or will he too die under a bleeding sun?  

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