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Doc Savage series sequence

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Doc Savage series sequence[edit]

Doc Savage series (list):
  1. The Man of Bronze
  2. The Land of Terror
  3. Quest of the Spider
  4. The Polar Treasure
  5. Pirate of the Pacific
  6. The Red Skull
  7. The Lost Oasis
  8. The Sargasso Ogre
  9. The Czar of Fear
  10. The Phantom City
  11. Brand of the Werewolf
  12. The Man Who Shook the Earth
  13. Meteor Menace
  14. The Monsters
  15. The Mystery on the Snow
  16. The King Maker
  17. The Thousand-Headed Man
  18. The Squeaking Goblin
  19. Fear Cay
  20. Death in Silver
  21. The Sea Magician
  22. The Annihilist
  23. The Mystic Mullah
  24. Red Snow
  25. Land of Always-Night
  26. The Spook Legion
  27. The Secret in the Sky
  28. The Roar Devil
  29. Quest of Qui
  30. Spook Hole
  31. The Majii
  32. Dust of Death
  33. Murder Melody
  34. The Fantastic Island
  35. Murder Mirage
  36. Mystery Under the Sea
  37. The Metal Master
  38. The Men Who Smiled No More
  39. The Seven Agate Devils
  40. Haunted Ocean
  41. The Black Spot
  42. The Midas Man
  43. Cold Death
  44. The South Pole Terror
  45. Resurrection Day
  46. The Vanisher
  47. Land of Long Ju Ju
  48. The Derrick Devil
  49. The Mental Wizard
  50. The Terror in the Navy
  51. Mad Eyes
  52. The Land of Fear
  53. He Could Stop The World
  54. Ost
  55. The Feathered Octopus
  56. Repel
  57. The Sea Angel
  58. The Golden Peril
  59. The Living Fire Menace
  60. The Mountain Monster
  61. Devil on the Moon
  62. The Pirate's Ghost
  63. The Motion Menace
  64. The Submarine Mystery
  65. The Giggling Ghosts
  66. The Munitions Master
  67. The Red Terrors
  68. Fortress of Solitude
  69. The Green Death
  70. The Devil Genghis
  71. Mad Mesa
  72. The Yellow Cloud
  73. The Freckled Shark
  74. World's Fair Goblin
  75. The Gold Ogre
  76. The Flaming Falcons
  77. Merchants of Disaster
  78. The Crimson Serpent
  79. Poison Island
  80. The Stone Man
  81. Hex
  82. The Dagger in the Sky
  83. The Other World
  84. The Angry Ghost
  85. The Spotted Men
  86. The Evil Gnome
  87. The Boss of Terror
  88. The Awful Egg
  89. The Flying Goblin
  90. Tunnel Terror
  91. The Purple Dragon
  92. Devils of the Deep
  93. The Awful Dynasty
  94. The Men Vanished
  95. The Devil's Playground
  96. Bequest of Evil
  97. The All-White Elf
  98. The Golden Man
  99. The Pink Lady
  100. The Headless Men
  101. The Green Eagle
  102. Mystery Island
  103. The Mindless Monsters
  104. Birds of Death
  105. The Invisible-Box Murders
  106. Peril in the North
  107. The Rustling Death
  108. Men of Fear
  109. The Too-Wise Owl
  110. The Magic Forest
  111. Pirate Isle
  112. The Speaking Stone
  113. The Man Who Fell Up
  114. The Three Wild Men
  115. The Fiery Menace
  116. The Laugh of Death
  117. They Died Twice
  118. The Devil's Black Rock
  119. The Time Terror
  120. Waves of Death
  121. The Black, Black Witch
  122. The King of Terror
  123. The Talking Devil
  124. The Running Skeletons
  125. Mystery on Happy Bones
  126. The Mental Monster
  127. Hell Below
  128. The Goblins
  129. The Secret of the Su
  130. The Spook of Grandpa Eben
  131. According to Plan of a One-Eyed Mystic
  132. Death Had Yellow Eyes
  133. The Derelict of Skull Shoal
  134. The Whisker of Hercules
  135. The Three Devils
  136. The Pharaoh's Ghost
  137. The Man Who Was Scared
  138. The Shape of Terror
  139. Weird Valley
  140. Jiu San
  141. Satan Black
  142. The Lost Giant
  143. Violent Night
  144. Strange Fish
  145. The Ten Ton Snakes
  146. Cargo Unknown
  147. Rock Sinister
  148. The Terrible Stork
  149. King Joe Cay
  150. The Wee Ones
  151. Terror Takes 7
  152. The Thing That Pursued
  153. Trouble on Parade
  154. The Screaming Man
  155. Measures for a Coffin
  156. Se-Pah-Poo
  157. Terror and the Lonely Widow
  158. Five Fathoms Dead
  159. Death is a Round Black Spot
  160. Colors for Murder
  161. Fire and Ice
  162. Three Times a Corpse
  163. The Exploding Lake
  164. Death in Little Houses
  165. The Devil Is Jones
  166. The Disappearing Lady
  167. Target for Death
  168. The Death Lady
  169. Danger Lies East
  170. No Light to Die By
  171. The Monkey Suit
  172. Let's Kill Ames
  173. Once Over Lightly
  174. I Died Yesterday
  175. The Pure Evil
  176. Terror Wears No Shoes
  177. The Angry Canary
  178. The Swooning Lady
  179. The Green Master
  180. Return From Cormoral
  181. Up From Earth's Center
  182. The Red Spider
  183. Escape from Loki
  184. Python Isle
  185. White Eyes
  186. The Frightened Fish
  187. The Jade Ogre
  188. Flight into Fear
  189. The Whistling Wraith
  190. The Forgotten Realm
  191. The Desert Demons
  192. Horror in Gold
  193. The Infernal Buddha
  194. Death's Dark Domain
  195. Doc Savage: Skull Island
  196. The Miracle Menace
  197. Doc Savage: Phantom Lagoon
  198. The War Makers
  199. Doc Savage: The Ice Genius
  200. The Sinister Shadow
  201. Doc Savage: The Secret of Satan's Spine

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