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China Miéville

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New Crobuzon

Perdido Street Station (cover).jpg
Perdido Street Station (2000)
by China Miéville
Iron Council #1
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The Scar
Iron Council

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Fiction Series

   New Crobuzon
       1 Perdido Street Station (2000) also appeared as:
           Translation: Station Perdido [Dutch] (2001)
           Translation: La estación de la calle Perdido [Spanish] (2001)
           Translation: Die Falter [German] (2002)
           Translation: Der Weber [German] (2002)
           Translation: Perdido Street Station: Tome 1 [French] (2003)
           Translation: Perdido Street Station: Tome 2 [French] (2003)
           Translation: Perdido Street Station [German] (2004) 
       2 The Scar (2002) also appeared as:
           Translation: Armada [Dutch] (2003)
           Translation: Die Narbe [German] (2004)
           Translation: Leviathan [German] (2004) 
       3 Iron Council (2004) also appeared as:
           Translation: Der Eiserne Rat [German] (2005)
           Translation: Le concile de fer [French] (2008) 
       Jack (2005) [SF] also appeared as:
           Translation: Jack [German] (2007) 
   World Fantasy Convention Souvenir Books
       39 World Fantasy Convention 2013
           The Apology Chapbook (2013) [C] 


   King Rat (1998) also appeared as:
       Translation: König Ratte [German] (2003) 
   Un Lun Dun (2007) also appeared as:
       Translation: Un Lon Dun [German] (2008)
       Translation: Lombres [French] (2009) 
   The City & The City (2009) also appeared as:
       Translation: Miasto i miasto [Polish] (2010)
       Translation: Die Stadt & die Stadt [German] (2010)
       Translation: The City & The City [French] (2011)
       Translation: La ciudad y la ciudad [Spanish] (2012)
       Translation: La Città e La Città [Italian] (2017) 
   Kraken: An Anatomy (2010) also appeared as:
       Translation: Der Krake [German] (2011)
       Translation: Kraken [Hungarian] (2013)
       Translation: Kraken : une anatomie [French] (2013) 
   Embassytown (2011) also appeared as:
       Translation: Stadt der Fremden [German] (2012)
       Translation: Embassytown: La ciudad embajada [Spanish] (2013)
       Translation: Légationville : une anatomie [French] (2015) 
   Railsea (2012) also appeared as:
       Translation: Das Gleismeer [German] (2015)
       Translation: Merfer [French] (2016) 


   Looking for Jake: Stories (2005) also appeared as:
       Variant: Looking for Jake and Other Stories (2005)
       Translation: Andere Himmel [German] (2007) 
   Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories (2015) 


   The Tain (2002) also appeared as:
       Translation: Der Spiegel [German] (2004) 
   This Census-Taker (2016) also appeared as:
       Translation: Dieser Volkszähler [German] (2017) 
   The Last Days of New Paris (2016)
   The Worst Breakfast (2016) 


   Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction (2009) with Mark Bould
   London's Overthrow (2012) 

Cover Art

   Vector 213 (2000)
   Un Lun Dun (2007) also appeared as:
       Translation: Lombres [French] (2009) 

Interior Art

   Un Lun Dun (2007)
   Un Lun Dun (2007)
   Gallows-horse (2011)
   The Very Shoe (2011)
   Railsea (2012)
   London's Overthrow (2012)
   Give Me a Minute (2013)
   Skulltopus for Daniel (2013)
   A Frontispiece (Unused) from One of the Sections of Perdido (2013)
   A Hand-Drawn Map of New Crobuzon (2013)
   An Image of a Ghoul (Bas Lag Monster) (2013)
   An Image of the Vodyanoi from Bas Lag (2013)
   Image of an Inchman (Bas Lag Monster from Iron Council) (2013)
   Map of the Wider Area of Bas Lag (2013)
   The Last Days of New Paris (2017)
   Perdido Street Station (unpublished) 

Short Fiction Series

   Thackery T. Lambshead
       Pulvadmonitor: The Dust's Warning (2011) 

Short Fiction

   Highway 61 Revisited (1986)
   Looking for Jake (1998) also appeared as:
       Translation: Suche Jake [German] (2007) 
   Different Skies (1999) also appeared as:
       Translation: Andere Himmel [German] (2007) 
   An End to Hunger (2000) also appeared as:
       Translation: Die Hungernden speisen [German] (2007) 
   Details (2002) also appeared as:
       Translation: Details [German] (2007) 
   The Tain (2002) also appeared as:
       Translation: Der Spiegel [German] (2004)
       Translation: Spiegelhaut [German] (2005) 
   Familiar (2002) also appeared as:
       Translation: Faktotum [German] (2007) 
   Buscard's Murrain (2003) also appeared as:
       Variant: Entry Taken From A Medical Encyclopaedia (2005)
       Translation: Auszug aus einer medizinischen Enzyklopädie [German] (2007) 
   Foundation (2003) also appeared as:
       Translation: Fundament [German] (2007) 
   Reports of Certain Events in London (2004) also appeared as:
       Translation: Berichte über gewisse Vorfälle in London [German] (2007)
       Translation: Rapporto su alcuni avvenimenti a Londra [Italian] (2017) 
   'Tis the Season (2004) also appeared as:
       Translation: Eia Weihnacht [German] (2007) 
   Go Between (2005) also appeared as:
       Translation: Mittelsmann [German] (2007) 
   On the Way to the Front (2005) also appeared as:
       Translation: Auf dem Weg zur Front [German] (2007) 
   The Ball Room (2005) with Emma Bircham and Max Schaefer also appeared as:
       Variant: The Ball Room (2005) [as by Max Schäfer and Emma Bircham and China Miéville]
       Translation: Kullerbuntland [German] (2007) 
   A Room of One's Own (2008)
   From The City & The City (2009)
   The Rope Is the World (2009) also appeared as:
       Translation: La cuerda es el mundo [Spanish] (2014) 
   Covehithe (2011)
   Railsea (excerpt) (2011)
   Four Final Orpheuses (2012)
   Three Moments of an Explosion (2012)
   7 Microstories [1] (2013)
   7 Microstories [2] (2013)
   7 Microstories [3] (2013)
   7 Microstories [4] (2013)
   7 Microstories [5] (2013)
   7 Microstories [6] (2013)
   7 Microstories [7] (2013)
   The Design (2013)
   Estate (2013)
   The 9th Technique (2013)
   Säcken (2014)
   A Second Slice Manifesto (2014)
   Rules (2014)
   Syllabus (2014)
   The Condition of New Death (2014)
   The Crawl (2014)
   Polynia (2014)
   The Buzzard's Egg (2015)
   A Mount (2015)
   After the Festival (2015)
   Dreaded Outcome (2015)
   Escapee (2015)
   In the Slopes (2015)
   Keep (2015)
   Listen the Birds (2015)
   The Bastard Prompt (2015)
   The Dowager of Bees (2015)
   The Dusty Hat (2015)
   The Junket (2015)
   The Rabbet (2015)
   Watching God (2015)
   The . (2015)
   This Census-Taker (2016) also appeared as:
       Translation: Dieser Volkszähler [German] (2017) 
   Ledge Bants (2016) with Maria Dahvana Headley
   The Last Days of New Paris (2016)
   The Worst Breakfast (2016) 


   Letter (Interzone #42) (1990)
   Fifty Science Fiction & Fantasy Books Socialists Should Read (2000)
   Letter (Vector 214) (2000)
   Introduction to Perdido Street Station (excerpt) (2001)
   Jenna Felice (2001)
   Introduction: The Limits of Vision(aries) (Things That Never Happen) (2002)
   Introduction: "And Yet": The Antinomies of William Hope Hodgson (2002)
   The Limits of Vision(aries): or M. John Harrison Returns to London, and it is Spring (2002)
   Long Live the New Weird (2003)
   I just Like Monsters (2003)
   The New Weird (2003)
   Letter (Locus #516) (2004)
   Afterword (King Rat) (2005)
   Introduction (The First Men in the Moon) (2005)
   Movements in Science Fiction and Fantasy: A Symposium - New Weird (2005)
   Introduction (At the Mountains of Madness) (2005)
   Introduction (Dagger Key and Other Stories) (2007)
   M.R. James and the Quantum Vampire Weird; Hauntological: Versus and/or and and/or or? (2008)
   Cognition as Ideology: A Dialectic of SF Theory (2009)
   Introduction (The Walrus & The Warwolf) (2010)
   Introduction (The Illustrated Gormenghast Trilogy) (2011)
   Afterweird: The Efficacy of a Worm-Eaten Dictionary (2011)
   Alien Evasion (2012)
   Forward Thinking (2012)
   London's Overthrow (2012)
   Thanks (2013)
   Preface to a Book Not Yet Written Nor Disavowed (2015)
   Afterword: On Coming to Write The Last Days of New Paris (2016)
   Notes: Some Manifs, Details, and their Sources (2016)
   Introduction (Utopia) (2016)
   Introduction (The Left Hand of Darkness) (2017)
   Once More on the 3rd Law (2018) 


   The Course of the Heart (2005) by M. John Harrison
   Die Borribles [German] (2007) by Michael de Larrabeiti 

Interviews by This Author

   China Miéville: Messing With Fantasy (2002) with China Miéville
   China Miéville: Fabular Logic (2006) with China Miéville 

Interviews with This Author

   Watching China: An Interview with China Mieville (2000) by Tony Mileman
   Blowing Raspberries (2000) by Mark Bould
   Watching China (revised) (2001) by Tony Mileman
   Interview: China Miéville (2001) by Cheryl Morgan
   Moving on to Grotesquerie (2002) by Robert Neilson
   China Miéville: Messing With Fantasy (2002) by China Miéville
   Beyond Consolation (2002) by Andrew M. Butler
   Crunch Fantasy (2002) by Iain Emsley
   China Miéville Interviewed (2004) by Tony Mileman
   An Interview with China Miéville (2005) by Iain Emsley
   Remaking the World (2005) by Rosanne Rabinowitz
   China Miéville: Fabular Logic (2006) by China Miéville
   China Miéville: Capitalizing Weird (2008) by Jeff VanderMeer
   Gothic Politics: A discussion with China Miéville (2008) by Stephen Shapiro
   Observation Deck (StarShipSofa, No 133) [10] (2010) by Cheryl Morgan
   Mich interessiert beides - die Politik und die Monster! [German] (2010) by Uwe Kramm
   China Miéville (2010) by James L. Sutter
   StarShipSofa Interrogations: China Mieville (2010) by Tony C. Smith
   Feature Interview: China Miéville (2011) by John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley
   Brought to Book: China Miéville (2012) by Jonathan Wright
   In a Carapace of Light: A Conversation with China Miéville (2012) by Jeremy L. C. Jones
   The Urban Fantastic Four (2012) by Jonathan Wright (co-interviewed with Ben Aaronovitch and Catherine Webb and Suzanne McLeod )
   A Strategy for Ruination (2017) by uncredited
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